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Living Learning Communities


A living learning communities (LLC) is a unique residence community that gives students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular lifestyle or field of study, while living alongside students who share similar interests.

LLCs combine academic and social learning for an unforgettable residence experience. They are created with the view that residence life should be an extension of student learning, enhancing opportunities for development and learning beyond the classroom. Students living in these communities can participate in creative programs and academic experiences with peers, students and faculty members, while being part of a supportive living and learning environment.



When you live in an LLC at StFX, you’ll have opportunities to connect with peers, students, faculty and staff both in and out of the classroom. You’ll also take part in fun, engaging programs that deepen knowledge, understanding and appreciation of your LLC theme.

As a student living in an LLC, you will enjoy:

  • Closer connections with faculty, civic leaders and university administrators
  • Increased sense of community at StFX
  • Greater content knowledge and hands-on experiences in the LLC topic
  • Peer- and professionally-led support, created with students’ interests and development in mind

LLCs are associated with one or more faculty departments and organizations, giving you the opportunity to take part in activities both on- and off-campus. There is also a dedicated upper-year peer mentor living in residence who will plan events and provide support to ensure a strong and engaging community is maintained all year. By living in an LLC, you’ll be part of a community that supports academic success, builds a supportive learning environment, encourages personal growth, and develops leaders here at StFX and beyond.



StFX offers LLCs themed around particular fields of study, general areas of interest, and styles of living.


Academic-Based Living Learning Communities 

Residence building and room style: Mount St. Bernard, single traditional rooms

The Nursing LLC is open to first-year students considering a career in nursing or healthcare. Students enroll in nursing coursework, participate in nursing-related programming, and network with nursing faculty and educators, student leaders and university alumni. Students will be inspired and challenged by programming activities, and live with fellow students who share their passion for health and wellness.

By living in this community, you will:

  • Gain a broad perspective of the career opportunities available in the healthcare field.
  • Enjoy activities, including special events and workshops, that deepen your academic experience.
  • Network with nursing faculty, educators, advisors and alumni outside of the classroom.
  • Participate in activities that introduce you to the practical aspects of the nursing profession.

Humanities Colloquium
Residence building and room style: Bishops Hall, 1st floor, double and single, traditional style

Open to first-year students, the Humanities Colloquium LLC provides an introduction to Western culture and great works of philosophy, literature, and the arts. Students explore connections between these subjects as they collaborate with peers and faculty in a common intellectual exploration. Study skills, writing, and critical thinking abilities are honed in this unique living and learning environment.

By living in this community, you will:

  • Learn to read critically, to write effectively, and argue well.
  • Develop life-long friendships based on shared intellectual values.
  • Engage in intellectual activities outside the classroom with members of the faculty and the wider community.


Interest-Based Living Learning Communities 

Residence building and room style: MacIsaac Hall, double and limited single, traditional style

Do you care about your ecological footprint? Are you interested in environmental solutions? Want to be challenged to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Open to students in all disciplines and years of study, the EcoLiving LLC is for people with a passion for the environment who wish to live an ecologically conscious lifestyle. Through a variety of programs, residents are equipped to take a leadership role in designing and implementing events that expand understanding of sustainable lifestyles, while making an impact on the StFX campus and community at large.

By living in this community, you will:

  • Develop a sustainability “lens” that helps promotes individual and community wellbeing.
  • Increased your awareness and understanding of sustainability and global citizenship issues.
  • Develop leadership and ethical decision-making skills.
  • Explore employment options for sustainability-related occupations.

The Wampum Project
Residence building and room style: MacIsaac Hall, double and limited single, traditional style

Reconciliation requires us to engage in thinking and practices that honour and embrace both indigenous and western worldviews or “ways of knowing.” Indigenous and non-indigenous students, engaged in a co-learning journey, will explore the two-eyed seeing framework guided by faculty and elders. Together with these faculty and elders, students who are accepted to this project will:

  • Create the vision and participate in the planning of a Living Learning Community (LLC) inspired by the theme of reconciliation
  • Develop extracurricular and cocurricular experiences to celebrate and share indigenous culture and traditions
  • Engage with local Mi’kmaw leaders and visit local communities
  • Collaborate with campus services to design the physical space for a LLC 
  • Develop recommendations for incorporating indigenous content into academic material and new courses focused on indigenous perspectives, governance, social and political challenges, and cultural preservation

The project will wrap up with the launch of a new residence experience for students in September of 2019.


Lifestyle-Based Living Learning Communities 

Substance-Free Living 
Residence building and room style: MacIsaac Hall, double and limited single, traditional style

Students living in this LLC represent varying academic interests, campus interests and backgrounds, yet share a common commitment to a substance-free lifestyle. Open to all years of study, this LLC offers an engaging residential environment for students want to live among others who share similar lifestyle values. It is the responsibility of each member of the community to maintain the integrity of this option.

Quieter Lifestyles
Residence building and room style: MacIsaac Hall, double and limited single, traditional style

While evening quiet hours are observed in every residence, those who prefer to live in an environment with greater restrictions on noise may request to live on a Quieter Lifestyles Floor. These floors are arranged as demand requires. Standards for quiet are set by the residents on each floor. This LLC is open to students in all disciplines and years of study.

Single Gender (All-Women)
Residence building and room style: MacIsaac Hall, double and limited single, traditional style

This community is for students who identify as female and prefer to live in an all-women residence environment. Students of another gender will be welcome as visitors, with specific standards for guest access to be determined by community residents themselves. Access to this community will be controlled by swipe cards that are given only to the students who live there. Please note that the single-gender (all-women) LLC will be a single-gender floor in a mixed-gender building, and that the requesting to live in this LLC means it may not be possible to accommodate preferences for specific room types.  



LLC costs include the regular fee for living in residence, plus a $50 fee to cover the costs of learning experiences over the year. The $50 LLC fee is payable to Residence Life on move-in day.

There is no $50 LLC fee for those living in the Lifestyle-Based LLCs (Substance-Free Living and Quieter Lifestyles)



Does an LLC sound like your ideal residence experience? If you’ll be living in residence at StFX for the first time, indicate your interest on the residence portion of your StFX admission application. You’ll soon receive a brief questionnaire where you can tell us why you think an LLC is the right fit for you!

If you’re a returning residence student who wants to live in an LLC, complete this brief application form.

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