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StFX Athletics honours 91 U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians

February 10th, 2020

The StFX Department of Athletics honoured its 2018-19 U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians Feb. 10th, at their annual celebratory breakfast. This year, there were 91 Academic All-Canadians, those student-athletes who have achieved an 80 per cent average or above while consuming a year of eligibility competing for a varsity team. The number was the second highest ever. Last year’s 96 is the all-time high. 

“This celebration of excellence in the classroom is a major highlight of our year,” comments StFX Director of Athletics & Recreation Leo MacPherson. “The opportunity to celebrate the synergies between academics and athletics is important to all of us. The ongoing support provided by our senior administration and our faculty members was also acknowledged and very much appreciated.” 

Out of the possible 275 eligible student-athletes who consumed U SPORTS eligibility by participating on a varsity team at StFX during the 2018-19 season, 33 per cent achieved Academic All-Canadian status, including 39 male and 52 female student-athletes. The X-Women soccer team had the highest percentage of any StFX team with 58 per cent of their team members earning the distinction. 

There were 34 first-time Academic All-Canadians, 31 student-athletes who received the honour for the second time in their career, and 14 who were three-time Academic All-Canadians. Nine student-athletes earned the distinction of being a U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians for four years, while an impressive three student-athletes were five-time Academic All-Canadians, including Elise Brennan, Chloe Brennan and Liam Elbourne – all soccer athletes. In addition, Elbourne was honoured as one of eight elite national U SPORTS Top 8 Academic All-Canadians, receiving commendation from the General Governor of Canada earlier this year.

The Athletic Director’s awards for academic achievement, presented to the top StFX male and female academic student-athletes, were Amy Graham from the X-Women hockey team who received the award for the second consecutive year, along with Liam Elbourne, a three-time winner. 

The 2018-19 Academic All-Canadians were honoured at a celebratory breakfast at the McKenna Centre where they received a certificate from U SPORTS along with a gift from the Department of Athletics. All student-athletes were encouraged to invite a faculty member to accompany them to the breakfast. The breakfast bookended StFX Athletics annual Faculty Appreciation Week.

The complete list of 2018-19 StFX Academic All-Canadians is as follows:

Michael Adetola, Football                  Joanna Alphonso, Rugby 

Mackenzie Bell, Rugby                      Dylan Bell, Football   

Melanie Belong, Soccer                     Alison Blanchard, Rugby 

Emma Boudreau, Track & Field         Erin Brennan, Track & Field              

Chloe Brennan, Soccer                      Elise Brennan, Soccer   

Sarah Bruce, Soccer                          Carly Burrows, Hockey 

Tane Caubo, Soccer                           Santino Centorame, Hockey 

Paige Chisholm, Cross Country         Josie Chisholm, Hockey

Benoit Cormier, Football                     Lane Cormier, Hockey

Olivia Crewe, Track & Field                Marcus Cuomo, Hockey

Olivia Czipf, Soccer                            Olivia DeMerchant, Rugby

Aidan Doherty, Cross Country            Liam Elbourne, Soccer

Hannah Ellis, Rugby                           Kelsey Ellis, Soccer

Jeremy Fagnan, Football                    Isaac Fagnan, Football

Allie Flower, Track & Field                  Megan Frost, Soccer

Claudia Fulton, Rugby                        Sam Gan, Football

Alley Goodreau, Hockey                     Brianna Gottschall, Basketball

Megan Graham, Track & Field            Amy Graham, Hockey            

Alexandra Hamilton, Rugby                Liam Harrigan, Soccer

Rachel Hawkins, Soccer                     Joshua Henderson, Curling

Jane Hergett, Cross Country              Ben Herringer, Soccer

A.J. Hewish, Soccer                           Sarah Hoerig, Rugby 

Aaron Hoyles, Hockey                        Liam Hyland, Football

Matt Jemmett, Football                       Zoe Johnston, Cross Country

Jack Kennedy, Soccer                        Catherine Kennedy, Soccer    

Adrian Kinney, Track & Field               Emma Kuzmyk, Soccer

Justin Laforest, Hockey                      Taylor Leger, Track & Field

Lauren Liem, Cross Country               Emma Logan, Curling

Travis Loov, Football                           Cole MacDonald, Hockey

Lauren MacFadyen, Curling                Katie MacIntosh, Basketball   

Paul MacLellan, Cross Country          Patrick Marlow, Cross Country

Hana Marmura, Cross Country          Jamie McCarron, Basketball   

Therese McCurdy, Curling                 Cassidy McEwan, Hockey

Mac Murray, Soccer                           Matt Needham, Hockey

Alex Neuffer, Cross Country              Brooke Noseworthy, Hockey

Patrick O’Brien, Curling                     Jordan Rao, Soccer

Angus Rawling, Cross Country          Ashley Robson, Cross Country

Amy Rowe, Soccer                             Paytan Ruiz, Soccer

Lydia Schurman, Hockey                   Emily Sinclair, Rugby

Sam Studnicka, Hockey                     Madison Suart, Rugby            

Catherine Thompson, Cross Country  Patti-Anne Tracey, Hockey    

Mark Tremaine, Hockey                      Chloe Walker, Track & Field 

Katie Walsh, Soccer                            Carleigh Walters, Rugby        

William Warren, Soccer                       Bailey Wasdal, Football                     

Jamie White, Basketball                      Larissa White, Soccer             

Alex Yakimenko, Football              

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