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Help India Breathe: StFX student raising money for COVID-19 relief efforts 

June 15th, 2021
Allie Cregan

Allie Cregan wants to help India breathe, and so far the fourth year human kinetics StFX student from Ottawa, ON has helped raise over $550 for COVID-19 relief efforts in that country, hit hard by the global pandemic. 

“When I heard about the shortage of oxygen equipment and medical supplies in India and the surplus of COVID-19 cases, I knew that like myself, many were devastated by the rising death toll but fell ill-equipped to help. I then came up with the idea to raise money and donate it to a cause that is helping with the COVID-19 crisis in India,” Ms. Cregan says. 

“I have a passion for wanting to help others that are in need and make a difference, and I know many others share that passion with me. I recently started working at the Queensway-Carlton Hospital in Ottawa as a COVID screener, and I have seen how the shortage of oxygen equipment and hospital space, with the rise in COVID-19 cases, has affected many people in my community – therefore, what is happening in India, hit close to home.”

Ms. Cregan says this inspired her to want to do her part in helping India through raising money as well as giving back to those who donated to show her appreciation for their generosity. 

She says she grew up spending summers at summer camps, and it is there where she learned how to make hand-woven bracelets, or friendship bracelets, a practice she has continued for years. 

“As I got better at making them, many of my friends and family would ask me to make them bracelets. I thought, what better way to show appreciation for those who donated to help me raise money, than making them a bracelet that they can wear and remind them that their donation hopefully saved the life of someone in India.”

She is selling the bracelets at one for $7 and two for $10. “All proceeds are being donated to the Canadian Red Cross that has set up a donation page for the COVID-19 crisis response in India. I decided on the Canadian Red Cross as the Red Cross is renowned for its disaster and crisis relief and response teams.”

She says many of her StFX classmates and friends have contributed significantly to help her raise money. She’s set up an Instagram page with the username to raise awareness and tell others about what she is doing. 


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