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StFX University launches new Strategic Plan

February 28th, 2023
StFX strategic plan graphic

Following months of consultation with the campus community, StFX University has released its new strategic plan, Building Our University the Way it is Meant to Be. The plan defines the mission, vision, and values of StFX that will guide the actions and decisions of the university over the next five years:

  • Academically Driven
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA)
  • Community
  • Responsive
  • Sustainability

“More than a year ago, I began a comprehensive consultation process to better understand who we are as a university and why we are,” said Dr. Andy Hakin. “From that thoughtful process emerged the components of a positive, forward-looking strategy for our university – one that will challenge us to reach new goals while being true to our purpose of being a university committed to social justice, social responsibility, and engaged citizenship.”

Strategic planning exercises often get a bad rap. While they are necessary to establish a shared focus on the University's goals, plans often get shelved shortly after their release. This plan has been sculpted in a manner that belies that temptation.

Dr. Hakin explains that great care was taken to develop a plan that is not rigid and binding but instead adapts to changing circumstances as new challenges and opportunities present over time. “We've put the framework in place, but we expect the community to action the strategy and move us forward," said Dr. Hakin. "We need everyone to embrace the plan – to bring their ideas, their intellect, their creativity and commitment to living our values. At the end of the day, that is what will keep the plan alive as the University moves forward.”

A Fabric We Weave Together

The central visual of the University Strategic Plan is a woven fabric. The weave is inspired by Indigenous symbolism, remind us of the history of this land and the communities we serve. The values are woven through our collective efforts and produce the pattern of fabric by which StFX University shall be known and identified. Together, they represent the strong threads on which our future is woven.


A number of strategic plans have already been developed or are in development to operationalize the aspirations described in the StFX University Strategic Plan, including the Academic Plan, Student Experience and Opportunity Plan, Accessibility Plan, and President’s Action Committee on Anti-Racism (PACAR) Action Plan.  Community feedback has also helped to inform key university metrics chosen to track the advancement of the University’s Strategic Plan. The information has been collected from various sources across campus, and the metrics will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. 

To view the new StFX University Strategic Plan, and the operational plans that support its implementation, visit

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