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ABOUT Bachelor of Arts & Science in HEALTH

The first degree program of its kind at StFX, the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health is true to its name: a program for students interested in the ever-broadening field of health, including scientific, social and humanistic dimensions. Students in the BASc in Health will take courses in a wide range of disciplines and have the opportunity to focus on either the Biomedical or Social Determinants and Health Equity field as they customize their degree. Additionally, all students will complete courses in Health Humanities – a unique feature of the degree at StFX – a growing and recognized facet of the health landscape that is integral to health problem-solving in the 21st Century.

Why Study Health at StFX?

A truly interdisciplinary degree program that looks to the future of health-related practices, the BASc in Health will provide students with an education that is in keeping with today’s definition of health. This degree will prepare students for a career in a field where increasing emphasis is placed on scientific enquiry, critical thinking and culturally sensitive practices.

First year BASc in Health

The first year is a foundation year that will provide students with an introduction to Health, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology.

Flexible Degree Options

Students will be able to pursue a Major or Honours degree in Health with a Concentration in either Biomedical or Social Determinants and Health Equity.  During each of the four years of the degree, students will also come together to take two core health courses to which they will bring the knowledge and skills they learn in their other classes.  In the final year, in addition to regular classes, students spend a full semester working together to solve a real-world problem in health or produce a health innovation. 




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