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Political Science

About Political Science

As a StFX Political Science student, you will study how power is used in politics and public life. This involves analysis of government structures, historical political trends and the role of ideas and ideologies in politics. It extends from global systems to nation states to local communities and it varies dramatically in form and practice. Politics is central to addressing the shared concerns of citizens and political science highlights the underlying forces that drive and constrain power and government.

Why study Political Science at StFX?

The department is a dynamic scholarly environment where professors believe that research and teaching flourish together. It is a place where you feel comfortable debating current issues in the classroom and beyond it, broadening your understanding of the political world. Here you can have close contact with your professors and fellow students in a positive, accessible setting for learning.

First Year Political Science:

In year one, Political Science 100 explores key concepts, theories and methods which can be brought to the study of power in society. This involves an examination of ideologies, governmental institutions, political regimes and processes in both the developed and developing worlds.

Rewarding careers in Political Science:

Political Science students can pursue careers in law, business, international organizations, journalism, non-governmental organizations, teaching, policy research or public administration.

Flexible degree choices:

At StFX, you can pursue a major, advanced major and honours degree in political science as well as joint major and honours with subsidiary options. The four sub-areas include Canadian Politics, Political Theory/Philosophy, Comparative Politics and World Politics/International Relations.

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