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Trudy Eagan Award 2016

Women in Business

Dr. Trudy Eagan Award

Dr. Trudy Eagan, former Executive Vice-President and Chief Administrative Officer of Sun Media Corporation, a New Brunswick native, is a former "X" student and honorary degree recipient. In April 2000, she presented the first annual Trudy Eagan Awards at the lecture series which bears her name and honors her generosity to St.F.X.

Each year, Dr. Eagan continues her commitment to the University and its students by encouraging eligible women to compete for this award. Female students currently enrolled in the fourth year of a BBA program may apply. Applicants will also write a 250-500 word essay outlining the qualities they believe will make them successful in business and provide two letters of reference.


To apply for the 2019 Dr. Trudy Eagan Women in Business Award, download the document below.

Dr. Trudy Eagan Women in Business Award Winners

Year      Award Recipients
2018      Rachel Dickey and Emma Logan
2017      Emma Vossen and Hannah Chisholm
2016      Allison Randall and Lauren Vogel
2015      Allison Lemenchick and Meaghan Wright
2014      Jane Fraser and Nikki Mills
2013      Hilary Muth and Sara Sutton
2012      Kailin Morrison and Taryn Greig
2011      Maura Casey and Jenna Burge
2010      Kelsey Cole and Genevieve Taylor
2009      Sarah Murphy and Jessica Spotowski
2008      Kimberly Hartlin and Katie McIntyre
2007      Ranran Ju and Julia Russell
2006      Katie Aucoin and Susan Cooke
2005      Leigh Ann Arab and Leah Pierce
2004      Bronwyn Burke and Shanna Strong
2003      Adele England and Trish Sims
2002      Lindsay Brown and Lise Roy
2001      Elizabeth DeCoste and Vanessa Purcell
2000      Leigh Anne Sturmy and Donalda Trenholm

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