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About Aquatic Resources

If you have a passion for the environment, and want to learn more about aquatic resources and sustainability, explore Aquatic Resources at StFX. Within this program, you’ll study aquatic life, climate change, policy and the complexity of human­ ecosystem interactions, all related to our most precious resource - water.

Why Study Aquatic Resources at StFX?

StFX is located next to Canada’s rugged Atlantic coastline, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity for hands-­on research exploring freshwater and marine resources first­-hand. It's this research that will give you invaluable experiencea distinct advantage in whatever you choose to do next!  In addition, you’ll develop and hone skills in oral and written communications, organization, and technical abilities like maintaining lab equipment, quality control and safety procedures.

First year Aquatic Resources:

In your first year, you will explore the characteristics that determine the nature of aquatic resource ecosystems and examine the way humans interact with those resources, including looking at sustainability from local and international perspectives. 

Rewarding Careers in Aquatic Resources:

Students who major in Aquatic Resources find fascinating career opportunities. Many graduates go on to advanced studies in law, planning, resource and sustainability management, marine and freshwater sciences, archaeology and more.You will be perfectly situated to pursue a career as a research ecologist, environmental analyst, lab and field assistant, water resources scientist, environmental scientist or environmental quality analyst, and much more.

Flexible degree choices:

Aquatic Resources (AR) is an interdisciplinary, four­-year dual major program, leading to a B.A. or a B.Sc. degree. Students pursue Aquatic Resources as a major with one of Public Policy and Social Research (political science, anthropology and/or sociology), Economics, Biology, Earth Sciences or Math, Statistics, and Computer Science. Advanced major and honours options are also available.


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