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About Chemistry

Chemistry holds the key to all scientific career paths, and helps broaden our understanding of the world and how it operates. Known simply as the central science, it is impossible to work in any scientific field without an understanding of Chemistry.

As a StFX chemistry student, you will evolve academically under the instruction of award-winning professors who will work closely with you to help achieve your goals and create an exciting learning environment.

Why study Chemistry at StFX?

Class sizes are small, particularly at the junior and senior level, providing for a good deal of faculty-student interaction and academic flexibility. As science has evolved, so has the Chemistry Department at StFX. It now emphasizes nanoscale and catalytic chemistry balanced with all major components of this field: the physical, organic, inorganic, analytical and biochemistry. You will learn in some of the most modern, state-of-the art laboratories and classrooms in the country. We combine a traditional focus on one-on-one learning with advanced technology application to produce graduates who excel in the field.

StFX students often attend regional and national chemistry conferences, receive prestigious awards, and are published in major academic journals.

First Year Chemistry

The first year typically means taking Chemistry at the 100 level, introductory calculus and one or two other sciences of choice.

Rewarding careers in Chemistry

Chemistry is a broad-based field that involves many other disciplines leading to countless career and graduate study options. It can be the foundation for further studies in top graduate and professional schools, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and education all over the world.

Flexible degree choices

At the B.Sc. level, you can work toward an honours, advanced major or major degree. Joint advanced major and joint honours degrees are posisble with Biology, Computer Science, Math, Physics or Earth Sciences.


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