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Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences

About Environmental Sciences

Exploring global climate change, biodiversity, and chemical contamination of the air, water and land, and developing the scientific skills necessary to understand and tackle the complex environmental issues of today and tomorrow is the focus in StFX Environmental Sciences. Graduates build a strong academic foundation for understanding the environmental challenges facing our planet and the ways in which we can affect change.

Why study Environmental Sciences at StFX?

Environmental Sciences at StFX is a natural fit. Experts in this field are located within several active research groups on campus. These groups, working on complex scientific issues ranging from global climate change and sustainable alternative energy programs, to biological species dynamics in a changing environment and chemical contamination and transport, provide a core of faculty who guide you in your learning journey.

First-Year Environmental Sciences:

Course selection will vary according to your individual area of interest. However, typically in your first year, you will take Chemistry, Biology and Calculus, in addition to Earth Sciences. These courses provide the foundation for understanding the atmosphere, oceans and hydrological systems, along with land-surface exchanges controlled by complex chemical, biological and physical processes.

Rewarding careers in Environmental Studies:

At the completion of your degree, you will be well prepared for options ranging from graduate studies, to becoming a researcher, as well as for a wide range of careers in environmental consulting, chemical remediation of pollution, climatology and alternative energy fields.

Flexible degree choices:

As an Environmental Sciences student, you can take honours and advanced majors in specialties of Chemistry, Biology, Biogeochemistry and Climate and Water.

From the Environmental Sciences program:

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