Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
A StFX education provides a transformational experience

A Transformational Experience

Prepare to be inspired... and challenged

StFX is an immersive, living learning experience that promises to inspire and challenge you. Here, you have vast opportunities to explore, reach for new heights both inside and outside the classroom, locally and around the world. With the encouragement and support of the entire StFX community, we promise your experience will transform you.

Once on campus, it’s felt immediately—perhaps best described as a sense of belonging. Although StFX has the very best residential and academic facilities located within Canada’s most beautiful campus, truth be told, it’s the emotional connections you make with fellow housemates that make the StFX experience so unique and special.

With nearly the entire first-year class living on campus, it won’t be long before you find yourself sharing new adventures and experiences with others just like you. Immersed in a vibrant community, you will live together, learn together, laugh together, share challenges and successes together.

You will grow together. You will support one another. From day one, you will wear your house colours with pride and will forever identify yourself as a member of the family.

And, when it comes time to graduate, fully prepared for the next great adventure in your life, you will look back and appreciate the incredible experiences – your education, your friendships with professors and new best friends, countless adventures and life-changing moments, the list goes on – and you will realize what many who came before you already have….

StFX is a catalyst, bringing to life a world of opportunities.


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