Student Rights and Responsibilities

StFX is a community dedicated to outstanding teaching, exceptional hands-on research experiences, the very best in a residential community, and unique opportunities to make a meaningful impact. Membership in this community implies acceptance of the principle of mutual respect for the rights, responsibilities, dignity, and well-being of yourself and others. 

We work with others in Student Services, student groups and the broader University community to provide education, community standards and a fair and efficient conduct process. We are committed to ensuring peer involvement in the development and application of this process.  

The Community Code, located on the University's  policy  page, outlines standards for all students and the outcomes to expect when these standards are breached. Every student is expected to act in a responsible manner so as not to compromise their own safety or endanger the health and safety of others. 

Ultimately, our philosophy is that we want everyone to feel safe in their community and to respect one another. Living in a new community can be difficult, so we aim to give you the tools to make the transition easier. 


If you ever find yourself in trouble with the Community Code or the Academic Code, you can always approach an advocate for support and advice. Advocates are students who are trained to understand the Community Code. They can attend all hearings with you and provide you with important information regarding the conduct process. Student Advocates are a confidential resource that is available to you throughout the academic year.   


StFX has various policies that assist in the management and control of the University. Below is a list of select student center policies. 

Code of Conduct 

Sexual Violence 

Harassment and Discrimination



Residence Standards

Conduct Outcome Appeals

To view the complete list of policies, please visit University Policies.


Student Services

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