Program Overview:

About Modern Languages

Students can learn French, Spanish, German, or Mi’kmaq in StFX Modern Languages, courses that examine the relationship between language and culture. The department offers studies in language instruction, culture, effective writing and literature across the centuries. 

Why Study Modern Languages at StFX?

All StFX Modern Languages professors hold doctorate degrees and teach small classes; an ideal intimate and personalized environment for language learning. You can pursue exciting opportunities through the Service Learning program—a one-of-a-kind option for students to put classroom knowledge to effective use in the community and around the globe.  

The department also offers a French proficiency certificate if you want to have your competency in French officially recognized on your transcript. Since French is an official language in Canada, being bilingual can increase potential job opportunities after graduation. 

Each year, StFX Modern Languages students receive awards from the French, Swiss, Argentinean and German embassies. As well, StFX offers you the chance to live and learn in France or Mexico through the exchange or service learning program. 

First Year At A Glance

First year is normally a selection of liberal arts courses combined with introductory courses in German or Spanish or level-appropriate courses in French. You may choose to study more than one language if you desire. In upper years, students can major in French or Spanish while taking electives in German and/or Mi’kmaq. 

Future Opportunities

Having a second language opens doors in all career areas, and StFX graduates have gone on to rewarding careers in areas such as education, law, tourism, public service, business, international relations, diplomacy, graduate studies and medicine. 

  • Banking
  • Education / Teacher
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Politics

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