Program Overview:

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health is a four-year undergraduate degree that prepares students for further study or careers in the field of health. You will take core courses in Health and from a variety of disciplines across the university, including Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, and potentially Political Science, Human Kinetics, History and many more. The result is a well-rounded and contemporary education about health.  

Why Study Health At StFX?

A truly interdisciplinary degree program that looks to the future of health-related practices, the BASc in Health will provide students with an education that is in keeping with today’s definition of health. This degree will prepare students for a career in a field where increasing emphasis is placed on scientific inquiry, critical thinking and culturally sensitive practices.  

First year at a glance 

In the first year, you’ll take the following courses: 12 credits in introductory-level natural science courses (Biology and Chemistry), 12 credits in introductory-level social sciences courses (Sociology and Psychology), and 6 credits of health core courses.  

Future opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health could be used as preparation for many health-related careers that span traditional medical options (medicine, medical research, dentistry, occupational therapy, audiology, optometry, speech pathology, physical therapy, pharmacy, midwifery) and non-traditional options (social health policy, law, bioethics, genetics counselling, community health, occupational health, epidemiology).  

Students will have the opportunity to explore many career paths throughout their degree. Starting in the first year, you’ll participate in a tutorial that will explore future career opportunities, pathways through the program, and graduate study options. In the fourth year, you’ll participate in a term-length project (HLTH 402- Health Innovation) seeking to solve a problem in health or produce a health innovation. 

  • Dentist
  • Health and Public Policy
  • Medicine / Physician
  • Pharmacist
  • Public Health

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