Visible @ X is the sexual violence prevention and response office on campus. 

You are not alone. 
We believe you. 
Support is Visible@X. 

Visible@X signifies our commitment to ensuring we make our support of survivors and our commitment to sexual violence prevention Visible@X. This commitment means we have zero tolerance for sexual violence of any kind. It means consent is not optional and that you are believed and treated with dignity and respect when you disclose.   

At StFX you have options.  We understand that sexual violence can have far-reaching impacts. This is why we believe that the people impacted by sexual violence should be placed at the center of decision making. There are a range of supports and resources available to you and you get to choose whether or not you want to disclose or report an incident to the University. We will provide you with care, counselling and any other support you choose to access to ensure you can continue to live and learn in a safe environment. You are the final decision maker regarding your own interests. 

We aim to address harmful attitudes and behaviors by promoting student engagement in sexual assault prevention and larger societal issues around gender and violence. We support public safety, awareness, and openness and recognize that everyone has a part to play in ending sexual violence. 

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