Cameron Hall: Single Traditional

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Single room
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The single traditional rooms available at Cameron Hall provide students with everything they need for an enjoyable stay in residence.

There are three options in Cameron Hall available to new and returning students: 

  1. Single traditional room: an affordable alternative to suite-style living that gives you the privacy of a single room in the heart of campus, close to the meal hall and classes. 
  2. Substance-Reduced Community: A section of Cameron offering a single traditional room. Students who opt into this community are committed to low or no use of alcohol or other substances. After you confirm your residence offer, Residence Life will contact you to review the expectations and confirm your choice. 
  3. Female and Non-binary Community: A section of Cameron offering a single traditional room, dedicated for female and non-binary identifying students. This community provides a comfortable environment for non-male students to find connection and support. 

For more information about these community living options, please contact @email to speak to a member of the Residence Life Team in confidence. 

Amenities Include:

  • One single bed with space to store underneath (i.e., crates, Rubbermaid containers, etc.) 
  • One desk and a chair 
  • One stand-alone dresser 
  • One built-in dresser unit 
  • One built-in closet with rods and shelving 
  • Shelving and bulletin board on each side of the room 
  • Drapery for windows 
  • Washrooms are non-gendered with multiple-stall toilets and private showers
  • Shared Laundry Facilities
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