For Guidance Counsellors

High school guidance counsellors, and other members of a student's school, play a pivotal role in students’ lives, offering advice and support at a time when they are making critical life decisions. At StFX, we recognize and respect the work that you do in helping students chart their future. 

The following information is designed to consolidate links to the answers to the most frequent questions that Guidance Counsellors and students may have about StFX. 

If you need information that is not included here, please contact us: 1.855.396.7839 or email @email

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Submitting Transcripts

Sending multiple transcripts in one file causes delays to student assessment. When sending transcripts to us at, please send each student transcript and/or course list individually in PDF format using the following naming convention:

"Last name, first name - transcript" or "Last name, first name - course list" (depending on what document you are submitting)

Important links for Guidance Counsellors

StFX Quick Facts

  • StFX students with an admissions average of 85% and over are automatically guaranteed an entrance scholarship worth at least $5,000. 
  • StFX was ranked #1 by students in Maclean's magazine for: 
    • teaching students to think critically 
    • gaining skills needed for employment 
    • professors knowing students by name 
  • StFX has one of the highest student satisfaction rates in Canada: 93% 
  • StFX has 40 global partnerships around the world – meaning there are opportunities for international study while students complete their degree. 
  • StFX has Canada's strongest alumni network, providing students a leg-up in whatever they choose to do post-graduation.