Promotional card for StFX Indigenous Student Affairs

The Coordinator of Indigenous Student Affairs is committed to enhancing Indigenous student experience by providing support, guidance and encouragement in the pursuit of educational success.

The Coordinator of Indigenous Student Affairs also advocates on behalf of Indigenous students at StFX and assists with many aspects of student life through the following services: 

  • Support with time management, organization, course selection/workload, study and writing skills 
  • Assist students with writing papers, assignments, readings and discussing course content 
  • Provide information about bursaries and scholarships; assists with application process 
  • Advocate for students on a variety of issues such as discrimination/harassment; cultural exclusion; academic issues and concerns 
  • Act as a liaison between the University, Indigenous education organizations and/or individual bands. 

Indigenous students at StFX also have access to culturally relevant counselling support. Andrea Currie is in Kiknu on Wednesdays and available to meet with students by appointment.

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Terena Francis
Coordinator, Indigenous Student Affairs
Coady West 105
(902) 867-5413

Kerry Prosper
Elder in Residence
Coady West 107
(902) 867-3102