Graduate Programs

St. Francis Xavier University currently offers courses of study leading to graduate degrees in Arts, Science and Education. The StFX graduate student experience is a unique one, characterized by an opportunity to develop leadership skills, to interact with colleagues and faculty in a peer-to-peer setting, and to benefit from the kind of personal attention and camaraderie for which StFX is famous.

For more information about a specific Master's or Ph.D. program, please contact the department's graduate studies coordinator.

Picture of Celtic MacTalla

Master of Arts in Celtic Studies

A program focused on the languages, literatures, and histories of Celtic-speaking peoples.

Master of Applied Computer Science

A course-based degree that prepares students for a variety of professional roles.
Picture of Student on Canoe in River

Master of Science in Biology

Work closely alongside peers and faculty in this hands-on, thesis-based program.
A row of laboratory equipment sitting on top of a counter

Master of Science in Chemistry

In this thesis-based program, students work collaboratively with faculty and peers in their chosen area of research.

Master of Science in Computer Science

This thesis-based program equips students for industry and academic paths.
Two individuals carrying a container in a field with equipment around.

Master of Science in Earth & Environmental Sciences

Enjoy a collaborative environment and one-on-one mentorship in this thesis-based program.
Teacher reading a book to young students in class

Master of Education

Offered with specialization in either educational administration and policy or curriculum and instruction.

Master of Adult Education

A distance degree ideal for working professionals.
Aerial view of the StFX campus.

PhD in Educational Studies

Offered in partnership through StFX, Mount Saint Vincent University and Acadia University.