Masters of Applied Computer Science Co-op

Masters Co-op Program Overview

Our Masters of Applied Computer Science (MACS) co-op students complete eight months of paid work experience (May to December time frame) in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, non-profits, and academic studies. While completing the work experiences, students complete required learning assignments and are monitored and evaluated by the Co-op Office and their employer. Monitoring and evaluation will assist the student with learning and understanding themselves and the world of work. As with many Co-op Education programs in Canada, graduate co-op students will complete two professional development seminars, one work term (eight months, summer and fall), and our capstone course, COOP 530.

Masters Co-op Fees Breakdown

  • Masters co-op total fees: $2200
  • $600 per seminar (x2)
  • $500 per work term (x2)
  • Students pay the co-op fees as they register for each component of the program.

During each co-op work term, students will pay 3-credit tuition per work term, StFX additional fees, and their co-op work term fee. For information regarding StFX tuition and additional fees, visit the student accounts webpage.

Please view our Master’s Co-op Questions and Answers page for additional information on the program.

Co-op Work Terms

Students will work a minimum of 35 hours/week for a minimum of 14 weeks within a four-month semester. Minimum salary of $20.00 per hour. While on a co-op work term, students are considered full-time. Students are not enrolled in classes while on a co-op work term. Co-op work terms can be located across Canada and/or remote.