Take Your Education out of the Classroom

It’s one thing to learn all about complex societal issues from academic study. It’s another to immerse yourself in them first-hand. At StFX you will find a living-learning experience that will inspire and challenge you. You will have vast opportunities to explore your interests both inside and outside the classroom, locally and around the world.  

Service Learning

Pioneered in Canada at StFX, service learning blends hands-on opportunities and academic study with community service, for a well-rounded approach to the undergraduate experience. Your service learning experience could take you to places like Belize, Grenada, Ghana, and more. It prepares you for life after university, and gives you a unique and valuable perspective. All students have access to the following three forms of service learning opportunities.  

Immersion service learning 

Intensive service-learning projects that take place off-campus, and often internationally.  

Course-based service learning 

Courses that feature service-learning assignments, typically in the immediate community.  

Student society service learning 

An extra-curricular society that organizes local service learning initiatives for all students.

Research Opportunities

StFX has established a tradition of research and creative works across all faculties, from humanities to physics to drama. We have millions of dollars in external research funding each year, so you will be able to learn the skills you need to put to work after graduation.  

Lab Experience

By gaining lab experience in your major department, you will get to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and gain valuable experience proposing, organizing, and conducting real research.  

Experiential Learning Creates Strong Students

Whether service learning, research work, or lab experience, your hands-on education comes with countless benefits. 

  • Use your new skills and knowledge to make your community an even better place.  
  • Apply what you are learning in the classroom to tangible, real-world experiences.  
  • Engage in self-directed, active learning that puts you in control of your study. 
  • Develop a framework for thought on social justice and community development issues.  
  • Test different career paths to set yourself up for future academic or professional pursuits.   
Want to see for yourself?
If you feel like StFX might be the right fit for you, you should visit! You can book a personalized in-person tour, or a virtual tour of campus and Antigonish. There’s no better way to get a sense of what StFX is really like than to experience it firsthand. So come on over! You just might fall in love with what you see.