Program Overview:

About Human Nutrition

With increasing public interest in nutrition, the field of nutrition and dietetic practice is expanding with new career opportunities emerging. Human Nutrition students at StFX graduate with a strong scientific background in foods and nutrition, combined with social science perspectives, communication skills and an understanding of ways to effect individual and social change. 

Why Study Human Nutrition at StFX?

As a StFX Human Nutrition graduate, you will be well-equipped to assist individuals, groups, and the population at large to achieve their nutrition and health-related goals. Under the guidance of our talented faculty, you will learn through a combination of theory-based courses and hands-on learning, such as lab and community-based assignments.  

Through our partnership with the Antigonish Farmers Market, Nutrition students work with farmers, food producers and various communities to promote healthy eating in the region. Students also study the basic sciences needed for health disciplines like dietetics, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy while acquiring an applied science specialty that can stand alone.  

Our HNU programs offer  

  • Entry into an accredited dietetic practicum toward becoming a licensed, registered dietitian 
  • Professional work experience through co-op education 
  • 5th year Human Kinetics degree option for sport nutrition careers 
  • 5th year Business degree option for the food industry and entrepreneurial careers 
  • Preparation for graduate school and careers in education 
  • Research experience with opportunities to publish findings 

First Year at a Glance

Your first year will equip you with the foundational knowledge to begin working in the broad field of food and nutrition. You will explore the role of nutrients in a healthy diet, study the physical and chemical properties of foods, develop key skills in the food lab, and take courses in the humanities and social sciences that will enable you to understand the behavioural, social, political, and economic factors that impact our food choices and health-related behaviours.

Degree Concentrations and Minors


Qualify for our integrated dietetic training program to become a Registered Dietitian. Work in community nutrition, public health, sport dietetics, private practice, food service management, or provide nutrition care in acute, primary and long-term care settings. Dietitians are in high demand to fill job vacancies in Atlantic Canada, especially dietitians from under-represented communities. 

Health Sciences

Nutrition is an excellent preparatory degree for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and the allied health professions (e.g. speech language pathology). Learn clinical and professional skills in an applied science degree that will transfer to your health career, while developing expertise in the role of nutrition in health and disease. 

Food Entrepreneurship

Prepare for a career in the food industry (product development & evaluation, food safety) or start your own food or health-related business. Co-op education is available to enhance your degree. Apply for a funded summer internship to develop your business idea. Or consider the 5-year 2-degree BBA program in Entrepreneurship. 

Food & Society

Study food and health from diverse perspectives in science, social science, food & health policy, and climate & the environment. Explore topics in food culture, agriculture, food systems, sustainability, global health and more. This concentration emphasizes the social sciences and multi-disciplinary learning. 

Minor in Arts or Science (pre-Education)

The BSc HNU degree (no concentration) allows for a 24-credit Minor in an Arts or Science subject of your choice (e.g. Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, Development Studies). This allows for greater flexibility to prepare for Education and other professional careers. Education entry is also compatible with all concentrations. 

Second degree in Human Kinetics or Entrepreneurship 

Planning a career in sport nutrition or a related field? Most concentrations are compatible with a 5th year BSc Human Kinetics degree. The 5th year BBA Entrepreneurship adds skills in business modelling, start-up data analysis, financial analysis and dynamic communication to launch a start-up or work in a growing venture. 

Future Opportunities 

Visit our Nutrition Careers page to see where some of our HNU grads have ended up.

Human Nutrition at StFX opens many doors in the health sector. Below are just a few examples:

  • Dietitian
  • Education (Family Studies)
  • Food Product Developer
  • Health Promotion
  • Nutritionist
  • Sport Nutrition

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