Learn about the dynamic field of accessibility research with the Canadian Accessibility Network (CAN). Accessibility research is a growing field that brings researchers from diverse disciplines, industries, and community together to explore the barriers and possibilities of making the world more accessible. In this May 2024 event, panelists shared experiences and findings from past and ongoing research projects and discussed future areas of study that highlight the evolution of accessibility research and its impact. For more information about CAN, please visit: http://can-rca.ca/


Hype vs. Hope in Dementia Research

Recording of an Alzheimer Society Nova Scotia panel held at the Halifax Central Library in January 2024. Nova Scotia based clinicians and academics discuss ideas in dementia research that need more evidence (hype) as well as promising projects and initiatives (hope) and respond to questions from community.


Unpaid Family/Friend Caregiving: Strategies for Mobilizing an Equitable Health Promotion Approach

Webinar in the Mobilizing for Health and Well-being of Older Adults series hosted by United Way British Columbia and Healthy Aging Collaborative Online Resources and Education Canada featuring Dr. Laura Funk, Dr. Katie Aubrecht, and Dr. Jennifer Baumbush in July 2023.


HSPR Talks: Advancing Equity and EDIA through Health Services and Population Health Research

This webinar from May 2023 explores the concepts and histories of health equity and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA), highlighting possible strategies and actions for the HSPR and PPHR communities to incorporate these principles into their work.

Speakers: Dr. Andrew Pinto and Dr. Katie Aubrecht
Moderators: Dr. Rick Glazier and Maggie Keresteci

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Book Launch with Dr. Tammy Bernasky: Working to End Gender-Based Violence in the Disability Community

A presentation by former Lab Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Tammy Bernasky on her book released in December 2022 on her international research the intersectionality of gender and disability. This webinar was co-sponsored with the Coady Institute and Canada Research Chair in Sustainability and Social Change Leadership.

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Maritime Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Support Unit (MSSU) Celebrates National AccessAbility Week

The MSSU EDIA Science team's "Accessibility and Systemic Ableism in Health Research" webinar launched as part of National AccessAbility Week, June 2022.

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Building Intentional Spaces to Foster the Mental Health of Young Professionals in the Workplace

In this StFX Centre for Employment Innovation webinar from June 2022 mental health professionals, youth, and researchers discuss how workplaces can better respond to mental health struggles, address stigma, and proactively create spaces that foster sustainable habits and promote positive well-being.

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Reimagining the Role of Immigration in Nova Scotia's Continuing Care System

This webinar co-hosted by the Spatializing Care Lab and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Nova Scotia in January 2022 brings together researchers, policy analysts, settlement service providers and refugee workers to discuss policy alternatives that reimagine the role of immigration in Nova Scotia’s continue care system.

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Accessibility as Collaborative Practice

This December 2021 webinar shares from a collaborative research project on accessibility in postsecondary education funded by the Maple League of Universities involving researchers from StFX University, Acadia University, Mount Allison University and Bishop's University. The research design included multiple methods - a policy scan, surveys, and interviews with administrators, faculty, staff and students from participating universities.

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Accessibility in Postsecondary Education in Canada: Roads Travelled and Paths Forward

This October 2021 webinar features a conversation among Steven Estey, Nancy Hansen and Frank Smith about accessibility in postsecondary education, directions and lessons learned over the past 35 years.

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Results from a COVID-19 Rapid Research Study on Dementia Care in Community in Eastern Nova Scotia

A recording of a presentation for the Nova Scotia Health Research Conference "Promoting Health through Collaborative Research and Innovation in Nova Scotia, Eastern Zone." The conference was hosted by Cape Breton University in October 2021.


Intersectionality as Method and Practice Panel - Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) & Bodies in Translation

This January 2021 webinar includes presentations by gender, disability and health studies researchers, scholars and artists which explore intersectionality as a method and practice. Lab Director Dr. Katie Aubrecht presents on work from the Seniors-Adding Life to Years project in "Mapping Critical Relations for Quality in Long-Term Care Research."

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