Need-Based Bursaries

Thanks to the generous contributions of many individuals and groups, StFX is able to offer a wide range of bursaries to students in financial need. Please see the Bursary Programs page for information about eligibility and applying.  

StFX offers the following bursary programs: 

Key Dates for In-Course Bursaries

The General program will have four rounds of awards during the 2023-24 academic year. Applications will open on October 3, 2023 (round 1), November 1, 2023 (round 2), January 16, 2024 (round 3) and February 13, 2024 (round 4). Each application will be open for two weeks. 

The Limited program will open for application on September 5, 2023 for the fall 2023 term and on January 15, 2024 for the winter 2024 term. Each application will be open for four weeks. 

Key dates for all other bursary programs can be found on their corresponding pages. 

What to know before applying for In-Course Bursaries

Students enrolled in degree or diploma programs in the September to April academic and year making satisfactory academic progress are eligible to apply. For bursary purposes, full-time is defined as a minimum of 9 credits per term unless stated otherwise in the bursary description. 

Applicants complete one limited bursary application and up to two general bursary applications per term that will be used to assess eligibility for all bursaries offered in the fall term or winter term. 

It is important to understand that applicants for StFX bursaries are expected to have exhausted all other typical student financial resources first, including government student aid if available. Bursaries are not intended to assist students with costs that are unrelated to attending university or to avoid incurring student debt. Financial hardship caused by misuse of private funds will be considered the responsibility of the student. 

While the Financial Aid Office endeavors to assist all applicants who demonstrate genuine student need, there is limited funding available to award each year and the StFX bursary programs are not guaranteed.  

You are not required to meet with the Financial Aid Office to apply for bursaries. 


Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. 

For help navigating these options, contact There is also help available through the various StFX student support offices.