Off Campus Life

The Antigonish Community 

Antigonish is an area of nearly 20,000 people who extend a warm welcome to the over 4,000 students who attend StFX every year. It is the home of the annual Antigonish Highland Games, cultural and arts festivals, and more.  

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Bylaws and Policies

In addition to provincial and federal laws, the Town of Antigonish has several bylaws and policies that may impact students who live in or attend off-campus housing units. 

Sustainable Community

We want a community that can continue to thrive in the future. At StFX, our community is made up of environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects. We believe in sustaining our community as a healthy, safe and vibrant place to live, learn and work. Everything from student leadership opportunities to the community code to enhancing the experiences and inclusion of all community members work towards a sustainable environment. 

Xaverians are committed to stewardship of the environment – on campus, in the Antigonish community, and as global citizens. Our success as a green institution depends on the efforts of students, staff and faculty. By adopting simple energy-smart behaviours, we can help the planet and even save money! Students living off campus can protect the local environment by avoiding littering and following the Town & County’s waste management guidelines.


Student Services

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