The Rankin School of Nursing at StFX offers an innovative program that educates competent, safe, caring, evidence-informed, and critical thinking nurses.
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Program Overview:

About Nursing

Almost a century of outstanding education in health care, beginning with the pioneering work of the Sisters of Saint Martha, has allowed the Elizabeth and Thomas Rankin School of Nursing at StFX University to evolve into one of Canada’s most respected nursing programs. Graduates are known for their caring, competency, and commitment to the field. 

Nurses are critical to health care of individuals, families, communities, and populations locally, nationally, and globally. The essential contributions of nurses captured spotlights through the recent COVID-19 pandemic but clearly have existed for many years prior. Significant shortages of nurses exist throughout Canada and throughout the world; a critical demand for nurses will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Why Study Nursing At StFX?

The Rankin School of Nursing offers an innovative program that educates competent, safe, caring, evidence-informed, critically thinking nurses dedicated to promoting health, social justice, cultural safety, and equity. You’ll gain the foundational knowledge to begin professional nursing practice in a wide range of settings, and the prerequisite education for sitting the Registered Nurse (RN) licensing exam. At this small teaching-focused university, StFX nursing students enjoy an unparalleled learning experience and sense of community.  

Future Opportunities

In Canada, nurses work in a wide range of settings – from public and community health to hospitals and clinics, long-term care and home care, military service and humanitarian outreach. Nurses also play a vital role in education, research and policy development. Opportunities for urban, rural, and remote/outpost nursing abound. Nurses work with people at all life stages, and with populations of diverse cultures.  

Nursing graduates can go on to pursue graduate education and specialty certification in areas such as perinatal, neonatal and pediatric care, cardiology and oncology, palliative and end-of-life care, and mental health and addictions. A nursing career offers immeasurable opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives and health of others.

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Educator
  • Public Health
  • Registered Nurse
  • Researcher

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