In collaboration with the Black Student Advising Office, StFX offers a vibrant and cutting-edge student society, BLACC. The BLACC student society is a support group for students, specifically those of African Descent, who are susceptible to racial injustice. Not only does the BLACC student society offer on-campus resources and supports to students of African Descent, but it is also an educational space for students and accompanying allies to come, connect, share, and learn from one another's lived experience.  

BLACC provides a safe space and sense of community for students of African Descent, as they recognize the disparities that exist amongst social and racial groups. Involvement with the BLACC student society provides an array of leadership opportunities to students who are of Bi-racial, Latin, American-African, Caribbean, and Canadian descent.  

Recruitment and Leadership Opportunities

The BLACC student society functions as a student-led unit with varying roles. See how you can get involved here. 

  • General Collective (Three (3) members) 
  • First Year Connector 
  • Senior Connector 
  • Communications Liaison (Students' Union Representative Council Member; Representative for Students of African Descent)  

Instagram: @stfxblaccsociety

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