St. Francis Xavier University has a reputation as one of Canada's finest undergraduate universities. Our small, supportive campus offers academic and social benefits that you simply won't find at a larger school. 

Xaverians feel a deep sense of connection to both the university community and the incredible town of Antigonish. And with the support of a community like StFX behind you, there's really nothing you can't achieve. 

What makes the stfx experience so unique?

A stronger sense of community

Once on campus, you will feel it immediately: a sense of belonging. Our campus is more than beautiful. It’s cozy. It’s comfortable. It’s inviting. You will feel like campus, and Antigonish, is your home. And you will come to care for it like home.  

More classroom engagement

Our smaller classes foster lively debate and discussion. So when you are exposed to new ideas, you will be able to talk through them with your classmates, resulting in a deeper understanding of the concepts.  

Professors who care about your success

At StFX, you are never just a number in our classes. Here, your professors know you by name, engage with you one-on-one, and genuinely care about your understanding of the material. And our faculty and staff, likewise, are able to take an active role in your success. 

Hands-on learning

Test different career paths and gain first-hand experience through incredible student research, co-op, and service learning opportunities. Only a university like StFX can give you this meaningful an advantage in your future career or further studies.  

Research opportunities

StFX has established a tradition of research and creative works across all four faculties. Our researchers receive millions of dollars in external funding each year, and as a StFX student, you will have lots of opportunities to make meaningful contributions to research projects throughout your time here.  

Friendships that last a lifetime

It’s the connections with your fellow students that make the StFX experience so unforgettable. Immersed in a vibrant community where many students choose to reside on campus, you will live together, learn together, and share challenges and successes together. 

Community involvement 

The StFX culture encourages students to be involved in the greater Antigonish community. This helps you develop a better awareness of global and local issues, and ultimately become a community-minded person, employee, and citizen. 

Want to see for yourself?
If you feel like StFX might be the right fit for you, you should visit! You can book a personalized in-person tour, or a virtual tour of campus and Antigonish. There’s no better way to get a sense of what StFX is really like than to experience it firsthand. So come on over! You just might fall in love with what you see.