The StFX tutor registry is accessible online via the Nimbus app, a joint project of the Academic Success Centre  and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business. Students looking for a tutor may download the app and search by course or discipline. However, we urge you to talk to your professors before seeking outside help; professors are the best tutors and want to help, and office hours are free of charge.

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For more information on how to access the registry, book appointments, submit payments, and more, please see this guide.

While tutoring remains a private arrangement between the tutor and tutee, and the university does not take responsibility for the quality or results of a tutor or appointment, the ASC does verify that registered tutors have successfully completed the courses they tutor with a grade above 80%.

Become a tutor:

Students and recent graduates interested in becoming tutors should contact the ASC coordinator at Please include a list of the courses you would like to tutor.

Tutors agree to familiarize themselves with the StFX policy on academic integrity and to meet clients in academic buildings on campus (or nearby coffee shops).

The Tutor's Handbook explains the operation of the Nimbus app for tutors.

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Free Tutoring Sessions: BSAD, CSCI, ECON, MATH, & STAT

Free group tutoring sessions are offered by several departments at StFX. Click here for more information on dates, times, and locations.