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Nursing Admission

Program Specific Deadlines –applications must be received between when the application opens and before the deadline to apply for admission consideration.

Students who wish to be considered for Nursing must select Nursing as their first choice program on the application. Second choice Nursing applications will not be considered. Please review the information below for the Nursing option you are considering.

 Application opens

 Deadline to Apply


 Start Date

October 1, 2021

March 1, 2022

4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing

September 2022

February 1, 2022

LPN to BScN (On Campus and Distance)

May 2022

May 1, 2022

Accelerated Nursing

January 2023

Students who wish to be considered for a StFX Nursing program must meet both the academic requirements outlined below, and complete the CASPer test by the applicable deadline. StFX uses a combination of both your academic performance and CASPer score in consideration for admission.

Please see the link here for CASPer test dates and information on how to register.

Admissions to our Nursing program options is competitive, meeting the minimum average does not guarantee admission.

+ 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Deadline to apply March 1, 2022


  1. Grade 12 courses (at the University or Academic level) completed or currently in progress, with a minimum mark of 65%:
  • English 12
  • Math 12
  • Biology 12
  • Chemistry 12
  • Plus one additional Grade 12 university preparatory course.

      2. Completion of CASPer by March 1, 2022.

Students are assessed on five program requirements for admission using completed Grade 12 pre-requisites with remaining pre-requisites from Grade 11 if final Grade 12 grades are not available.

StFX will release early offers of Admission to Nursing in the Fall of 2021 for September 2022 entry. Students who wish to be eligible for an early offer must complete CASPer in November or December. Students will be notified by email of acceptance. Please note applicants will be reviewed for admission each round of offers that are released. The final round of offers will be released in March and all applicants will receive notification of the decision on their application at that time.

We recommend students applying to the Nursing program select a second choice program with their first choice application to Nursing. Students who receive an offer to their second choice program can accept an offer to Residence before Nursing offers have been released and will receive equal consideration to their first choice of Nursing. Transfer students, please submit both post-secondary transcripts as well as secondary.


Deadline to apply February 1, 2022

Cape Breton University and St. Francis Xavier University have partnered on a pathway for qualified LPNs to apply to BScN. Frequently asked questions about the program can be found here.


  1. Two year Diploma from Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Graduated 2008 or later.
  2. Minimum 75% overall average in both years of the diploma program.
  3. Total of 1800 hours of work experience within the last two years (require a letter of verification from employer)
  4. Current LPN License
  5. Completion of CASPer by February 1, 2022.
  6. Students who have completed post-secondary studies in addition to the LPN Diploma, please submit all post secondary academic history by February 1, 2022.
+ BSc in Nursing - Accelerated 2 year option

Deadline to apply May 1, 2022


  1. Applicants must have all required courses completed at the university level by September 1, 2022 and within 10 years of the program start date.
  2. Please submit all transcripts by May 1, 2022. If you are in progress with a Summer term course, this is acceptable so long as the final grade is available by September 1, 2022.
  3. The required core and open courses must have a minimum grade of 65% each, with an overall average of 70% or higher.
  4. Complete the supplemental application form.
  5. Core course requirements completed at the university level by September 1, 2022:
    • Six credits in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, minimum three credits in each. Lab component in both is required (virtual labs are accepted).
    • Three credits in Microbiology
    • Three credits in English
    • Three credits in Statistics
  6. Fifteen credits in open electives completed at the university level by September 1, 2022.
  7. Completion of CASPer by May 1, 2022.

Please submit course descriptions for your core requirement courses upon application to support the admissibility of each course.

Admission to this program is competitive and possession of the minimum requirements does not ensure acceptance into the program.


Post RN BScN Program

More information on the the Post RN BScN program

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