Join the Conversation

Over the last few months, we engaged in a series of community consultations to shape the StFX Student Experience and Opportunity Plan. We gathered input from our students, faculty, staff, administrators and from the wider community on several areas of focus, including First-Year Experience, Student Mental Health and Well-being, and Experiential and Co-Curricular Learning. 

Online Consultations

The StFX Quality of Life Committee invited students, faculty and staff to participate in online consultations, hosted on Moodle. This was an alternative, interactive channel for sharing observations and experiences of StFX, as well as ideas for making StFX a safer, more respectful and more inclusive place to be.

Community Conversations

On our campus, we know that the quality of life is not experienced equally by all students, and we seek to make our programs, supports and other resources more equitable and responsive to what students need and want.

We hosted a series of Community Conversations with historically-excluded students, staff and faculty to learn more about the student experience and quality of life at StFX. Conversation sessions will be co-facilitated by the Policy, Planning and Assessment Strategist and a member of the Diversity Engagement Centre.

Listening Sessions

From October to December 2021, we hosted a series of listening sessions for clubs and societies at StFX who represent equity-deserving students. The Listening Sessions were facilitated as small-group roundtables by the Policy, Planning & Assessment Strategist and member of the Diversity Engagement Centre. 

Written Submissions

In addition to the invitation to participate in conversations taking place in person and online, the Quality of Life Committee invited campus community members to make confidential written submissions. For more information, visit Share Your Ideas.